Simple Refund Policy without legal stuff for easy understanding.

If you want to start a return or refund, user our customer service chat.  Mon - Fri / 9 - 5 Eastern time. Our customer service team has weekend's off because they have lives and families. Refunds and returns are Free and Risk Free. We cover any return costs.

Luggage Factory Features Luggage and travel goods ,but we also show other places where you can buy the product to help you with comparative shopping. You can see our prices and compare them to Macy's, Amazon, Ebay and all the big players. If you choose to not buy on Luggage Factory, you follow whatever shipping and return policy they may have.

If you buy from us in the website , if our vendor sends the wrong item or its not like you expected, we will refund, no questions asked. You will receive a free return label and your money will return to you, no questions or excuses. Please note our staff takes weekends so no orders are processed on the weekends. If on the other hand the item delivered was perfect, without issues and right design, you will not receive refunds without a valid reason, meaning you'll speak with our friendly staff explaining why you want to return a perfectly good piece of luggage. You have 7 days from when you receive the item to ask for a refund , otherwise you forfeit your right to do so.

to Start a return for an item sold on Luggage Factory you must send us a note via our customer service chat with your order number and reason for returning and allow 2 business days for our team to review and reply. You can expect to have your return or exchange addressed within 7 Business days.

Luxury Item Return Policy
Luxury Items +$800 in value are not refundable, every order of a +$800 product will be contacted by phone or email to verify all the info is 100% accurate and the product will require written approval from the buyer before it is processed. You will receive a personal email with a photo of the item and all the shipping info and be asked to verify your order before it is processed, once you verify the order, it will be shipped to the address you verified, we will not accept a return if the item you ordered matches the item in the verification email. We do this with items that are + $800 in value to protect our luxury inventory. Please Keep this in mind when ordering luxury items as once they are shipped they loose their value.

Refund Policy Complicated Version.

Refunds are handled by Amazon , Please contact them for refunds. Do not attempt to refund to us. WE handle everything thru amazon

To be eligible for a return, See Amazon Refund Policy.

We do not handle returns, its all thru Amazon

Refund Policy
Amazon Products Return Policy Features two kinds of products, Amazon Listed Products Have 2-4 Day Shipping Free Shipping with Amazon Prime and are handled thru Amazon.
Amazon Listed Products - Visit
For shipping details. Amazon will handle shipping and returns of any Amazon Hosted products.
Luggage Factory Hosted products
If you wish to start a refund you can do so by sending a message to the confirmation email you got, please give our team one to two days to reply, You will receive a return label and instruction on were to return luggage on email, keep in mind we only do returns IFF product is not as advertised ( wrong color/style or damaged. We do no accept refunds if you bought it , used it and then decided to return it after one use, i know YOU are not going to do that but its been an issue in the past. You will be contacted by email or phone after a sale to verify everything is ok and you have the right luggage and also to verify your identity to prevent fraud, if you do not reply to that email within 24hours , your order will be canceled.

Products Hosted on LF have lower price than Amazon Products but they take longer to ship. Our Refund policy lasts 30 days but Must be started within 7 days of receiving the product. You have 24 Hours to cancel an order before it is shipped. All customers will be called to verify that they are not fraud orders.
Several types of goods are exempt from being returned. Perishable goods such as food, flowers, newspapers or magazines cannot be returned. We also do not accept products that are intimate or sanitary goods, hazardous materials, or flammable liquids or gases.

- Additional non-returnable items:
- Gift cards
- Downloadable software products
- Some health and personal care items

To complete your return, we require a receipt or proof of purchase.
Refunds can only be requested when they meet the following requirements
1. The incorrect item was received in terms of color, size, or model (evidence is needed).
2. The item is used, defective or in extremely poor quality (evidence is needed).
3. The estimated delivery time of the order has expired.
4. The shipment went missing.
Order Cancellations, Refunds, Returns and Disputes for
1. Merchants may cancel an order at any time before such order is shipped, you will be contacted by phone to verify the order before shipping, that is the time to cancel an order. Once order is marked as “in processing” in the Marketplace it cannot be canceled. Once order is received and it’s the correct Model you are not allowed to ask for a refund unless the model is badly damaged. Models take out of the package and used for more than a day are not eligible for refunds In the context of this Section 7(a), fulfillment occurs and order is shipped when the Marketplace Supplier has provided a tracking number for the order showing the first checkpoint in the shipping process has occurred. Shipping cost is never refunded.
2. If a Merchant’s order is not fulfilled and shipped (i.e., the Marketplace Supplier has not provided an activated tracking number showing the first checkpoint in the shipping process has occurred) within seven (7) calendar days of the date the Merchant submitted the order and paid in full, the Merchant has the right to request and receive a refund on such order.
3. If the order exceeds the estimated delivery time or an adjusted estimated delivery time resulting from one or more Event(s) as described in Section 6(f)), the Merchant has the right to request and receive a refund on such order. If after such cancellation and refund the order is delivered, the Merchant is not required to return the order and the Merchant is under no obligation to pay for such order. In this context, delivery time is calculated from the date the order is submitted and paid in full by the Merchant until the date the order is delivered in full to the Buyer.
4. If the Buyer received incorrect, defective, not as described, used, damaged, or poor quality Product(s), the Merchant has a right to open a dispute via the Services and request a full refund (“Dispute Ticket”). We have a customer service chat where you may return the item. Merchants have fourteen (14) calendar days after the date of delivery of the order to request a refund for an incorrect or damaged product. The Marketplace Supplier must reply to any Dispute Tickets within two (2) business days of the date initiated by the Merchant. This timeline applies to all communications from the Merchant relating to the Dispute Ticket, including the first communication from the Merchant initiating the Dispute Ticket, as well as any subsequent communications from the Merchant that arise through the Dispute Ticket. The Merchant must provide documentary evidence to support specific claims raised in the Dispute Ticket within five (5) business days of initiating the Dispute Ticket. If the Merchant fails to do so, the Marketplace Supplier can reject refund of the portion(s) of the Dispute Ticket pertaining to the unsupported claims. The information provided by the Merchant in the Dispute Ticket must be relevant, accurate, descriptive and presented in a professional manner
5. An order is not eligible for return or a refund if the Product(s) received by the Buyer match the ordered Product(s) and such Product(s)are not damaged or defective.
6. A Marketplace Supplier is responsible for an order until it has been delivered to the Buyer in full, with the exception of cases where the order could not be delivered in full due to the fault of the Merchant or Buyer (e.g., an incorrect address was provided to the Marketplace Supplier, Buyer failed to accept the delivery, the order was not picked up by Buyer from the post office, etc.)
7. In cases where an order could not be delivered in full due to the fault of the Merchant or Buyer (as described in Section 7(g)), the Marketplace Supplier will receive the full payment associated with the order and will not be required to reship the order. If the order is returned to the Marketplace Supplier, the return cost in such case is the responsibility of the Marketplace Supplier. For clarity, Marketplace Suppliers are not responsible for the return cost of orders if they have not requested such return from the Merchant.